4 Advantages that can be scooped from Side Business

So that wealth can quickly fertilizer, then the powerful ways that you can do is to have a side business. This business does not have to be huge, but it can provide extra income apart from the main work that you do.

Have a side business will provide a myriad of benefits for you. Not only adds to the financial coffers, your ability in terms of time and financial management will be honed.
Here are four advantages to be had if you have a side business:
1. Additional income

The first advantage that is certain is you can have extra income. Large extra money you may be varied. It depends on what the business is run. This money could be used to finance some of your needs.

2. More have freedom

The average billionaire in the world to have six to seven sources of income. If one source of income is lost, they do not have to worry because they have other income reserves.

Side business that you run can make you have more freedom to be a life well lived. This can happen because you are not completely dependent on only one source of income.

3. Add the experience

Experience of running the business itself is also an advantage that you can enter into CV. Believe it or not, it can easily make you stand out from other candidates applying for the same job.

4. Happiness is growing

When measured happiness, business owners claim to be happier 77 percent compared to regular workers. This proves the business owner can feel happier than those who work as employees.

Document Shredding, A Wise Business Strategy

The stakes are always high when you’re in business. Aside from the constant need to dominate your competitors, you’re also prone to a lot of stress and hassles in the working environment. Time counts, and one can’t afford to waste a single minute. Even a simple task such as document shredding tends to consume the productivity of an employee.

Whether you’re part of a business conglomerate or a simple franchise, you’re going to encounter sensitive information vital to the business. Confidential data tend to accumulate over time, and in order to not encounter problems in the future, these data need to be kept under lock and key or completely destroyed.

Most business owners find it wise to outsource paper shredding services from other companies. Although storing documents is good, it doesn’t give business moguls the assurance that they’ll be kept safe from rivals. Sensitive business information can cause serious threats as well as damage to the business if it gets in the wrong hands. Opting for shredding services will assure businesses that there will be no traces of sensitive company information spreading about, and it also gives them the following benefits:


This is the ultimate benefit of having a shredding service. Data management agencies assure clients that there will be no vital pieces of information breaching across competitors or nosy people. In addition, shredding also reduces the business’ risk of falling victim to identity theft, and mishandling money due to unnecessary document storage costs.


Clients are assured that data management agencies such as Los Angeles shredding service providers aren’t costly. In fact, it’s very affordable – even a small franchise business can obtain hire them. Shredding agencies use superior facilities to help them with the shredding process; these machines are so modern that it only requires very little time to shred large amounts of documents. There’s no need for the business to hire a regular staff member to perform the job.


The minutes spent on shredding could’ve been used for performing a productive task resulting to profit. Efficiency is what Los Angeles shredding agencies are always aiming for. Shredding of vital documents can be done in minutes when a professional handles the job instead of the employee, making the business more productive.

Save on Storage Space

Stored documents tend to eat office space. It’s best to get rid of them by obtaining Los Angeles shredding services since office rents have escalated. Businesses these days can’t afford to waste a single space for storing documents. Visit theshreddingservices.com for more information.

Differentiated business strategy benefits the rise of asian electric revelation

BR 2009 year, Viasystems a Miami company brand Dealers with luggage from the plane to company headquarters in northern travel, Viasystems warm reception staff when he was found inside his luggage sway very strange to open the box so that we shocked fly zone far away trunk, which supplies equipment is not life, but filled with electrical sub-unit of benefit the United States, Asia and the United States

And electric kettle all 3 sets. Just when everyone was wondering, the dealer said with a smile: “We sold the United States, Asia and the United States of product returns, mostly caused by man-made improper use of after-sales, which we found three products that are themselves the products in question, I operating the United States, Asia and the United States

More than a year, there is such a quality product is assured, and very proud! So this time so that the three products enjoy sitting in the aircraft back, I hope the United States, Asia and the United States because of the quality of hundred percent of OK “thumbs-up finish also could not help, and said that the development of enterprises on the benefits Asia and confidence in the future .

BR BR BR Viasystems company’s founder and general manager Lai Zhengfu

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BR “For Viasystems electrical run, it is also more than one of such examples.” Hui, founder and general manager of Asia business, Mr. Lai Zhengfu said calm. This has more than 10 years

Industry background in professional managers, and China in name only at the national level professional managers and senior human resources manager, executive coach and president of the China Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee Executive Chairman of the appliance, and authored many books about marketing Senior Master, the benefits created at the beginning sub-electrical, general manager Lai Zhengfu already from years of experience as well as professional managers in quality of life because of lessons learned and summarize a set of appliances for enterprise survival and development and to compare the integrity of the Product management system. “Each of our products from design, development, production and strictly in accordance with all national standards, the implementation of various performance standards, quality management, not only have professional after-sales

Team with the market, every minister of production and quality management personnel should monitor the market area of a dock, is responsible for the continued post-market tracking, so in our business, product quality strictly in accordance with the standards in the factory, the factory after the close tracking products value, therefore, not to some enterprises,

Discrepancies arise with the standard and quality managers to find the first boss to give or return the decision by the owner, so the quality of management instability, staff has no obligation, and our good quality and poor standard of the final say before leaving the factory after leaving the factory customer Users have the final say. We often say the words inside: an official not for the people call the shots, as home to sell sweet potatoes.

BR Of the product in the pursuit of differentiation

BR Viasystems is a young enterprise, not a lot of awards and memories, but in a short period of time, insight into consumer demand is creating opportunities is at an alarming rate. The industry’s first to meet the most affordable restaurant with good grain and soybean milk is a small business benefits from Asia! That only a few hundred dollars of commercial corn soybean milk sales in China are now 2-digit growth every month to meet the wide range of breakfast restaurants, bakeries, restaurants, buffet fliers have a big following in return for a small investment, but Consumer object is expanding, such as Internet cafe operators recently has been praised. Why is the research and development for promising commercial soybean milk market, depends on the total out of a little-known story. “One time travel in the Northeast, in a breakfast shop wanted a cup of soy milk, but the owner said no. Found it very strange, this business of the shop specializing in breakfast why not sell milk. Upon inquiry, the boss said, out due to shortage of manpower, I recommend buying soybean milk machine shop owner, can the other party that the prices of thousands of commercial soybean milk can not afford, could not afford a limited amount of small soybean milk. Indeed, such a small breakfast shop to buy Taiwanese business with soy milk machine is more difficult, when the price of most commercial soybean milk in the yuan. to this store the number of consumer customers is not large, even if affordable commercial soybean milk, may also result in a result not all sold out waste and costs. Having heard these, I suddenly realized that if we can produce a demand for such commercial soybean milk shop, how much in China is a huge market. “Laizheng Fu recalled. Lai suddenly felt a sharp eye is always bit people, ate breakfast can see opportunities.

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Forecasting Tent And Marquee Hire Sales

Predicting possible sales for your Tent and Marquee Hire business is a very worthy process; you should have a strong idea before you commence your business of your likely sales. It is doubtful you will be right on the money but if you do not make a realistic attempt your Tent and Marquee Hire business will likely not succeed; forecasting is an essential component to your business stratgey.

Your sales forecast is the financial projection of the quantity of revenue your Tent and Marquee Hire business will create from the sales of its products or services. Your sales forecast can stand alone, but it will be closely connected to your Tent and Marquee Hire business plan. It is an essential and fundamental piece of the planning process and it will be a major part of your profit and loss account and cash flow forecast.

So why do you need to forecast sales?

It is needed so you can

1. Plan cash flow – that you will need to include in your business plan when seeking funding, and to avoid out of the blue cash flow problems by establishing if and when you will need to inject capital or have access to funds.
2. Manage Cash flow – central to the success of your business, it is essential that you recognize how sales forecasting contributes to the computation of the cash flow forecast.
3. Plan future resource requirements – for example, the quantity of personnel needed to manage your orders and provide a certain level of service.
4. Plan marketing activities – and the consequent fiscal strategies arising from these.

Whatever the situation, it is critical that you investigate your expected sales frequently and realistically, and take proper action to re-examine your strategy. Your sales forecast is the standard alongside which you should frequently quantify what truly happens in your business in terms of sales and the important thing is to recognize the variances and why they transpire, and to incorporate what you have learned into yet to come forecasts.

So what do you need to consider?

It’s usually considered you should look to the next 3 years of your Tent and Marquee Hire business for your sales forecasts – the first year being detailed on a monthly basis

Things to think about

1. Are there any related products or services already being provided in the region?
2. What is the extent of the market?
3. Is this an growing/contracting market and if so; by what percentage?
4. What are the major factors that are at this time influencing that market?
5. What may well affect it in future?
6. Is your business cyclic?
7. What trends or fashions are appropriate to the sector?

Who are your customers going to be?

1. What percentage will purchase?
2. Will they desert a different supplier to come to you?
3. What is your pricing strategy and how will it affect sales?
4. Can you actually supply the products and services that you are predicting?
5. How many other businesses like yours are out there?
6. It’s not likely your business is the only one of its kind – what happens to your customers when fresh businesses enter the market?

You must be transparent about how your products or/and services match the marketplace. Practically every business has some competitor(s) – how can you hoover up your competitors customers? How can you prevent your competitors taking your customers? Just how adaptable with regard to pricing and the assortment of products or services to be had can you be?

Preparing your Tent and Marquee Hire business forecast

All Tent and Marquee Hire businesses need to base their forecasts on certain assumptions regarding potential changes that may take place in the future. These can be quantified and could include:

1. Sector growth/decline by a certain percentage e.g. 5%.
2. Staff increase to increase production or sales – maybe 25%.
3. Different location – more customers – 30% increase in sales.

Preparing your forecast

You should prepare a sales forecast for each product you sell,and forecast:

1. By volume
2. By value
3. By a combination of both volume and value.

So what are the pitfalls when forecasting sales?

1. Make sure your forecast is based on certifiable,realistic and unbiased information.
2. Do not be tempted to pay no attention to your research if it showed bad results.
3. Don’t make predictions only on historical results. Keep looking at what else might impinge on your sales in the future and amend your forecast appropriately.
4. Understand what volume of goods you can produce. Can you produce the amount of sales being forecast with the equipment,personnel and financial resources available to you?
5. Are your prices realistic?, or conversely, have the prices been set too low down or too high so that either way your forecast is potentially unrealistic?
6. If you have just started up in business, your business may take longer than you imagine to get established, and have you set accordingly realistic sales targets?
7. Have you allowed for the possibility that high sales based on an opening promotional surge may drop off, leading to a need for more intensive marketing and higher ongoing expenses once initial interest has peaked?
8. Can you identify and justify the assumptions you have made in reaching the forecast, and explain them to interested parties if necessary?

How To Come Up With A Good Business Plan For Your Auto Transport Company

No business can prosper without proper planning. If you are thinking about starting your own auto transport company then coming up with a sound business strategy is the first thing that you need to do. This step is so important that it can make or break your future as a transporter. In presence of a solid plan everything keeps working smoothly and you can earn maximum amount of profit. This article will teach you how to write a good business plan.

First of all you should educate yourself about the car shipping industry as well as business planning. On the internet you can find sufficient information on both these topics but you can also go to a library and read some books for some in-depth knowledge. Business planning is a very vast field and many books have been written on this topic. However, it is not necessary for you to go into too much detail. You should only know which factors play a role in the working of a business. In case of auto transportation these factors include number of competitors, size of clientele, geographical location of your company, your prices etc.

You can also take help from modern technology. For example there are many software applications which you can use to simplify the process of accounting. Many such applications can be downloaded from the internet for free. Automation of important tasks not only saves time but also helps you achieve a higher level of accuracy.

Before writing the actual business plan you should make a rough draft of what your auto transport company will be like. How many employees will it have? Which modes of transportation will be used? What sort of customer support will you provide? All these are important questions that you should try to answer in your first draft. Doing this is important because, with the passage of time, your preferences can change and updating a draft is way easier then changing the actual business plan.

Setting the price is another important thing that needs to be done. In the beginning your rates should be low so that you can take away some costumers from your competitors. However, if the rates are too low then people might start doubting the quality of your services. Once you have developed a good reputation in the market you can raise the rates to match other firms in the market. If you take care of all the things mentioned in this article then it will be very easy for you to make profits. Auto transport business is very lucrative. With the right business strategy you can get rich in a small amount of time.

Appropriating Opportunities via Business Strategy

An axiom of truth is revelatory concerning the way business is carried out inside the everyday world. People are enamored with buying different products, whether for necessity or luxury. Nevertheless, they hate being sold anything particularly in a forced manner. The standard is clear: the buyer’s bargaining power is rather strong even though the seller’s are at an impasse. The latter will surely benefit from a business strategy designed to empower them to sell more goods and services. However, Robert Hathhorn highlights the fact that the most glaring deficiency Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies present could be the lack of sales training it gives its marketers. So long as they are able to get more and more people to bite the bait and hop on the bandwagon, regardless of what happens to their mainstays. Hathhorn iterates the demand for marketers to always be more feedback-oriented and actually pay attention to the clientele rather turning the conversation into a monologue of why customers require the product. But marketers always overlook the customers. What benefits will they receive from such a purchase, if any? It is standard for a marketer to tend to focus on their product because after all, the final goal is to trade a quality product for a given monetary value. The mistake in this, though, is that in the endeavor of making such a transaction, there is the prospect of disrespecting the prospect, especially if one is genuinely uninterested with the product line being offered. Aside from that, Hathhorn adds the fact that MLM institutions keep glossing over their product. Marketing the product or service and making capital are near the top of their priorities, never mind all the unsuccessful marketers they trample as they move along. Another flaw MLM companies allocate is putting together the guilt ridden face and making a prospective customer feel poor about not sharing the benefits of your product with other people. Now how does a marketer overcome every one of the hurdles that MLM companies have set up? The outlook towards selling the item should be project-based. By shifting the paradigm, the task can be regarded as one that awaits finalization with achievements waiting at the end. It isn’t a guarantee of future gains, but Hathhorn believes that these kinds of marketers should far superior compared to the great majority that are in a stalemate or at a loss. Initial capital could only take a marketerso far. The capability to propel a product while using the right amount of prodding, production and perseverance can make or break the marketer. No product can promote itself, no matter how effective it really is. All items are fixed until the marketer acts upon them and converts them into a created need. You cannot find any faultless and foolproof business strategy set in stone that will guide a marketer to always be successful in bidding his products. What can be done though, is the right amount of groundwork, obtaining a constant strategy to obtain determination and desire, and most significantly, finding the right niche market that goes hand in hand with your product line.

Business Strategy Sticky Notes With Free Notes Software.

In case you are like most innovative business owners, the thought of creating a business strategy plan (using free notes software) is not the greatest item on your goal list. You’d instead explore new ideas, produce products and services, create a fresh speech, or assist your customers… Then take a seat and write an agenda.

Nonetheless, to be triumphant in business, you should have a plan on hand. Thankfully it’s not essential to prepare a formal (bank-friendly) plan for success to keep your enterprise on track. The truth is, until recently, you could have used a home-made “sticky note business proposal” to watch your organization goals and schemes.

The “sticky note strategic plan” is an effective and fun program you can employ anytime, anyplace to keep your organization pointing in the proper direction. Why not try these simple ways to get you on track:

Get Your Ideas. The following is the fun part. Find your pencil and sticky notes. Start to write down each idea that you think for each category. Do not change or censor any suggestions. Merely write them down and put them on the panel for that category. Aim to stay with 1 category at once as best as you may. However, if other concepts keep coming in your thoughts, write them down and put them on the proper poster. Let the suggestions flow and take pleasure in the task of having everything on paper.

Arrange Your Ideas. Therefore, now that your thoughts are on the panels, begin to get them organized. Search for themes, sequences, as well as categories of objects. Physically shift the sticky notices on the panel to group thoughts together.

Fit It All Together. Next, step back and look into your whole plan. Soon after finishing this process, you will discover some features need to get higher on your agenda list; while other strategies must be taken out from your plan all together.

Benefit Of Change Management Dashboard

Change management and the employment of a change management dashboard is to ensure a smooth and controlled transition of change. The dashboard is a helpful tool for keeping information and making it easy to refer to.

Often in a business or organization, change is required in order to improve and develop. The survival and success of a business is partially dependent on how efficiently it can adapt itself to change. The business environment is constantly evolving and shifting and it is to a business advantage that it can adjust itself well enough to handle these changes.

Change management is essentially a framework or strategic plan on how to handle the transition of change from an existing system to a new or improved version of it. The smooth transition of systems is vital to maintaining the stability of an organization.

A change management dashboard could contain the main objectives of the changes being instituted to a system. It can be configured to display the information related to the progress of the changes being made and rate how well the changes are being done. This helps change management focus on the areas that might be delicate or sensitive to change and make the necessary adjustments to make the shift of systems easier.

A dashboard often is made up of metrics and reports, charts that show the progress on key performance indicators. It is a good way of keeping systems centered and focused on achieving its specified goals in the most efficient way possible.

Change is not always easy for companies that have long established their systems but have to now change them in order to remain relevant. Competition between companies fuel constant change and evolution, continuous improvement is need to stay ahead in the industry. This is why change management is important. It keeps the transition process on track and within the control of the companys management levels.

Change management dashboards are useful to this purpose, keeping the strategic plans for change and transition aligned to the goals of the company. It is an immediate report on the progress and effectiveness of the new system versus the old one.

It is imperative that the metrics used on a change management dashboard are accurate and also flexible. It can sometimes be quite hard to predict how an old system would react to being replaced or upgraded to a better or improved version. Being prepared for almost any foreseeable complication provides a company with readied resources and back up strategies should a difficulty arise.

In order for change management to work, it is imperative that all the individuals and groups involved have agreed to the change and are willing to institute them. Support from all levels is key to the successful transition of change. Everyone must be on the same page in order for a strategy to succeed.

A change management dashboard presents in clear and understandable terms exactly where the company is at present. It can also display the desired future of the company and the stages it has to undergo before it can reach that goal. Change management dashboard is a tool used to drive improvement and guide its progress towards measurable and achievable goals.

How To Be Successful In Your 5linx Business Without Really Trying

Two Words: Internet Marketing.

As a 5Linx distributor, if you’re not marketing on the Internet, you’re missing the biggest opportunity of your life, literally. In your business there’s no one doing this! You could easily explode your profits by using these modern marketing techniques in your 5Linx business.

In researching MLMs, I’m continually amazed at how many GREAT companies are still teaching the old 3-foot rule of selling there opportunity to anybody breathing, literally. People hate this pushiness.

Folks, getting people to a home or hotel meeting may have worked yesterday – but today, people seek answers online. This is Pull (or Attraction) Marketing.

Google’s the most popular search engine online so that’s where you want to be found. Attraction – On!

10 Things You Need To Know To Succeed With Google

1. The numbers do not lie. Search marketing is all about data. There is a lot of data to look at. Choose your metrics carefully, keep a close eye on them and make smart, deliberate decisions.

2. Character counts. 95 to 190 characters is all you get for headlines, organic gives you more and search gives you less so learn to get straight to the point. Take Twitter as an example. Think fast. Tell me about your 5Linx business in 140 characters or less.

3. You can work your 5Linx business half a day -just choose the 12 hours you want to work. Successful marketers put massive hours in at first and are willing to be flexible. Google is always open for business.

4. The Midas touch. Your competitors will think you have the Midas touch when you are doing everything perfectly. It will be our little secret about all of the testing that you’re really doing. It will be our secret.

5. No free lunches, folks. Also known as organic. Others call it natural. Everyone knows it as SEO traffic. It’s free, not counting the time it takes to generate it. Then, hang on tightly.

6. Do sweat the small things. This is true! The best video I ever did went immediately to the first search result within Google. Wooohooo, right? Not exactly. There was no sound. (See #4)

7. Quitters never win and winners never quit. What criteria does Google use to determine who is first in the search results? Great question! That’s what we all want to know. Try, try and try again.

8. Be patient. Stick with whatever 5Linx business strategy you create. Refine it. But, don’t abandon it – You WON’T get to #1 in organic or paid results overnight.

9. Content may be king but it better be relevant. You’ve heard that old cliche “where the neck turns the head goes.” Think keyword to headline to landing page. Walk through it as if you were your 5Linx site visitor.

10. Knuckle down. Messaging is everything with your online strategy. And content. And testing. And numbers. Keep at it until you can get it done with your eyes closed.

Follow through, bet the farm on it and enjoy the price of success. : )

Business Strategy – E-commerce Online Stores

The internet in principle is no different than any typical town main street. There are plenty of different small, medium and large stores to choose from, some are well known names and some not so well known. There are also plenty of information centres, recreation and food and beverage facilities all designed to improve the shopping experience. For the majority of proactive retailers however, the internet is now established as being by far the biggest profit centre of all, contributing the lion’s share of corporate gross revenues and yet the online main street store costs far less to develop, far less to maintain and far less to stock than even the smallest traditional main street store. However this unprecedented success has still been achieved largely by accident. At the beginning of the internet revolution most companies viewed the internet as being a source of new enquiries achieved in much the same way as a main street bill board or advertising on TV. The idea of using their corporate web sites as an online store has very much evolved over time. Now consumers can purchase anything that they can usually purchase within their local town main street online via the internet as well. This can invariably be done quicker, cheaper and more efficiently too. So what is the difference between good and bad online retailers? Any good marketing expert will always advise you to feature your product as prominently as possible within any advertising or public relations campaign that you undertake. The internet is no different. Visitors to Harrods in London tend to go there for the Harrods experience. Customers expect in many cases to pay slightly more for products which they could purchase elsewhere for less, but the difference is considered worthwhile because you are purchasing the product from Harrods. The same is true of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Creating the Harrods experience online has proven to be virtually impossible however and the company are still struggling to achieve this goal. Visitors to Harrods online expect to visit recognizable departments in the same way that they would if they visited the store. Providing the same products online is not sufficient in this instance because the same customers would not be prepared to pay inflated prices for products online via the company’s web site if they are not also being provided with the Harrods Experience. Conversely Amazon has done very well indeed online, although the success has not been achieved without problems along the way, but these problems were caused by too much success and consequential delays with supply chain management and distribution. The main reason why Amazon has succeeded ultimately is because it is actually very easy for them to provide customers with a better experience than they would normally have in a main street bookshop or DVD store and they can also provide the products at a more competitive price. Book shop and DVD customers do not tend to be browsers like Harrods customers. They tend to walk into the store with a product in mind and the frustration of searching for it through endless stocks of other books and DVDs has been unceremoniously stripped away by Amazon. Not only that but they have been able to ensure that almost all of your favourite author’s books are already in stock, which tends to increase sales revenue and subsequently purchasing power considerably. It is a good example of where impulse buying can actually be more powerful over the internet than in a typical main street store. Another example of this is Tesco. Always leading the market by determining their customers needs and buying patterns in advance, Tesco has developed their online store in such a way that it more-or-less replicates the shopping experience of a typical main street store. All of the products are still decentralized into clearly recognizable departments. You can still virtually pick up the product and read the ingredients, compare health information, browse through alternative products, put items into your basket and then change your mind and take them out again. You can review the total cost of your daily shopping as you go along and adjust this without the embarrassment of having to face a check out assistant. Supermarket shopping tends to be laborious and hard work, particularly for elderly customers, pregnant customers, or customers who work long hours or who have small children. So it has been easy to strip out all of these frustrations and add in numerous benefits when shopping online. Their web site database remembers your last orders which saves you time can you can still take advantage of special offers. You can have your goods delivered to your home and customers will invariably have the time and the patience to browse around for other products which may be of use. In an industry where profit margins are small and competition is fierce the internet has effectively provided the industry with the supermarket store of the future and it is not impossible to envisage a time when their typical main street or out-of-town counterparts will no longer be necessary. The Academy of Business Strategy has succeeded in developing and facilitating education online, where many mainstream business schools and universities have not. The reason for this is quite simple. ABS provides programmes require the practical integration of academic theory as an integral part of the qualification process and as such students tend to be in full-time employment while training. Many students also travel internationally with work while training as well and as such it is much more convenient for students to be able to study online without having to carry their study material and project studies around with them. You can then make the study experience more interactive, more enjoyable, less daunting and more fun. Individual students can also plan and manage their own study time. Contrary to Harrods for example, ABS can therefore provide its customers with a better experience online than it would otherwise be able to in a classroom on campus. The general message here is quite clear. Those retailers who are able to replicate their typical main street store customer experience within their store online and are then able to add additional benefits from shopping online tend to be those who will succeed. It is not sufficient merely to offer the same products online at a discounted price. Innovation can also play a part. I remember as a child being impressed by a particular department store merely because they had installed escalators. Well I had never seen any before! I thought that this store was very modern and even to this day think of them as being at the forefront of innovation. The brand image has therefore been sustained merely because they have invested in innovative development to improve the consumer experience. This can also be achieved online by being at the forefront of innovative technology, which directly impacts upon user experience. This requires significant and consistent investment but it is still far less costly than developing and managing a typical main street store. The key success factors when developing online stores are therefore as follows: 1.Make sure that your products or services feature prominently. They should always be the stars of the show. 2.Remember to replicate the benefits of your traditional main street store online. 3.Be innovative with the development and management of your online user experience. 4.Your online store should offer additional benefits apart from the most obvious one of cost savings. 5.Be acutely aware of whether you would in fact be able to improve your consumer experience by having an online store, or whether you would be making it worse. Products or services that are considered to be necessities by consumers always tend to do better online, as opposed to those that are considered to be luxury items. This does not of course mean that benefit cannot be achieved online with luxury items, but the e-commerce strategy does need to be approached from a completely different perspective.